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Magic Tricks Behind-the-scenes Tips

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How does dynamo do his magic tricks? any guides online that are free?

Question: How does dynamo do his magic tricks? any guides online that are free?

(Posted by: on 2011-07-17 17:22:32)


Posted by: Wilder on 2011-07-18, 08:07:53

How does he do it? Two words, dedication and practice. You can't be this good I'm just a couple of weeks, it takes YEARS of practice. He's been doing this stuff since he was a kid. The tricks are generally easy to do, but REALY hard to make them convincing to other people. As for learning the methods, you won't get to learn for free, especially online. Your best bet is to source out some 'magic' sets in a local shop to give you an idea on the basics, look at YouTube for some guides too and be prepared to put in the practice.


Posted by: Minnie Mouse on 2011-07-18, 01:29:36

Tbh I have no idea I think he stops time swaps thing and that and then plays it again ! Lol Jks - he is pretty amazing though !


Posted by: Squidmaster on 2011-07-18, 04:11:45

NO-one can tell you,. because he's a member of the Magic Circle. Professional Magicians sign legal papers that prevent them from ever revealing their tricks to anyone, because to do so would break the illusion of magic and make all magicians pointless.


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